Who We Are

The Whale Camp at The Fundy Marine Science Institute

The Whale Camp at The Fundy Marine Science Institute

The Fundy Marine Science Institute is dedicated to providing marine biology experiential educational programs and facilities for learning about the dynamic marine ecology of the Bay of Fundy as well as the coastal, terrestrial and human ecologies of Grand Manan Island. Our goal is to use hands-on, discovery-oriented marine science activities to increase awareness and understanding of these living systems and by extension the living systems of our oceans and planet.

The Whale Camp

Established in 1984, The Whale Camp’s marine science program has had an exceptional experiential impact on hundreds of students ages ten to seventeen. The Whale Camp’s hands-on programming and vibrantly personal experiences brings students face-to-face to study whales, porpoises, seals, puffins and numerous other marine and avian species in their own natural habitat. These experiences have proven to be both life-affirming and life-changing, igniting and inspiring a passionate curiosity to learn more about our ocean’s and planet’s life processes.

WhaleCamp family photo

The Whale Camp’s Mission

Dennis and Orma Bowen started the Whale Camp in 1984. It was their dream to use the natural beauty, charm, and mystique of Grand Manan Island and the rich marine science resources in the Bay of Fundy as an outdoor experiential classroom to provide many of the missing elements of traditional education. They designed the Whale Camp’s marine science programs to be a truly hands-on, fun, experiential learning adventure.

Sadly, Dennis passed away in June 2014. Orma and the Whale Camp staff are dedicated to carrying out Dennis’ vision and continue to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all the aspiring adventurers and marine scientists that pass through their doors. Dennis inspired countless campers and educators over the years, his passion was infectious, and there are undoubtedly former campers all over the globe educating, researching, exploring, and carrying out Dennis’ legacy.

Feel free to call us at your convenience, toll-free at 1-888-54-WHALE (94253) anytime to hear our passion for marine science and experiential learning.