The Island

You begin by venturing into pools exposed as the tide rolls out. Stalk crabs in the rockweed amidst sea stars, periwinkles, rock eels, urchins and more. Then find yourself along a stream deep in the island forest sampling the many edible plants including raspberries, strawberries and blackberries. Venture deeper and you will discover eerie bog systems with predatory plants, flammable gasses, and uniquely adapted trees half-buried in sphagnum moss.

Back at camp there is time to choose your own discovery from numerous options. There’s time to spend with your friends walking the beach, splashing in the surf or throwing a Frisbee. Science options include dissecting a shark or examining plankton under microscopes. You might choose to paint scallop shells or kick a football. Ice cream cones, miniature golf and sunset hikes along majestic cliffs are also camper favorites.

We travel to Bangor, Maine to pick up our campers on the weekend and head to Grand Manan Island across the border and onto the ferry!

The view from one of our dorms at Whale Camp. You can see the vast fields to run around in and the Atlantic Ocean in the distance.

Head down to the beach at low tide and play games, explore the intertidal zone, and feel the cool ocean waves on your feet.