Sample Schedules

Sample 1 & 2 Week Schedules:


  • Sunday

  • Morning: Drive from Bangor Maine to Black’s Harbour, New Brunswick and take the ferry to Grand Manan Island.
  • Afternoon: Ice-breaking games at Swallowtail Lighthouse, followed by camp orientation.
  • Evening: High energy games and dorm orientation.

  • Monday

  • Morning: 1st weekers – Sensory hike and activities to experience and understand the forces that create the tides of the Bay of Fundy. 2nd weekers – Whale research and data collection workshop.
  • Afternoon into Evening: Board the vessel Day’s Catch for exploration of the Bay of Fundy – marine mammal and avian species observation, identification, and research. Learn and try out observation techniques, species and individual identification, data collection. Dinner at sea.
  • Evening: Puffin Program.

  • Tuesday

  • Morning: Boat trip on the Day’s Catch to Machias Seal Island to closely observe puffins, razorbill auks, common murres, and Arctic terns (included in all programs for summer 2023).
  • Afternoon: Coastal hike to Flock-of-Sheep to explore the geology of Grand Manan.
  • Evening: Team building and initiative games.

  • Wednesday

  • Morning: Marine mammal and marine biology activities (1st-week focus – physiology; 2nd-week focus – behaviors)
  • Afternoon: Board research boat Day’s Catch for exploration of the Bay of Fundy – marine mammal and avian species observation, identification and research, and physical oceanography.
  • Evening: Plankton lab.

  • Thursday

  • Morning: Coastal kayak tour or coastal hike.
  • Afternoon: Tide pooling activity and lab.
  • Evening: Whale Watch Town Hall.

  • Friday

  • Morning: Whale research presentation and discussion with a Marine Biology, Geology, or Coastal Ecology expert!
  • Afternoon: Closing questions and photo tour of Grand Manan. Pack and clean.
  • Evening: Campfire.

  • Saturday

  • Travel back to Bangor for those leaving. Optional day-long kayak or overnight kayak and camping trip for campers that are staying.
  • Morning: Sleep in! Explore Grand Manan, head to the Farmer’s Market.
  • Afternoon: Explore and hike on White Head Island OR beach clean-up and games.
  • Evening: Mini-golf OR squid jigging.

  • Sunday (for campers that stayed the weekend)

  • Morning: Sleep in! Squid dissection OR Wildflower walk and flower pressing.
  • Afternoon: Lunch, then meet the new campers at Swallowtail Lighthouse.

Additional OfferingS:

Weekend Excursions: For two-week campers, choose either a full-day kayak to one of the islands close to Grand Manan or choose an overnight kayak trip and camp out on a nearby island.

College Credit Course for High School Students: Advance your opportunities for success. Choose our three-week workshop – Ecology of the Bay of Fundy (Earn 3 credits with Immaculata University).