Sample weekly schedule


  • Morning: Drive from Bangor, Maine to Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick and take the ferry over to Grand Manan Island.
  • Afternoon: Ice-breaker games at Swallowtail Lighthouse, followed by camp orientation.
  • Evening: High energy games and dormitory orientation.


  • Morning: First week campers go on a sensory hike and tides lesson to understand the forces that create the tides of the Bay of Fundy. Second week campers interpret whale research and data collection from the boat and design their own research project.
  • Afternoon: Board the vessel ‘Day’s Catch’ for exploration of the Bay of Fundy – marine mammal and avian species observation, identification, and data collection. Learn and try out observation techniques, species and individual identification, and identify unique marine mammal behaviours. 
  • Evening: Puffin Program after dinner to learn about the nesting colony before our visit on Tuesday.


  • Morning: Boat trip on the Day’s Catch to Machias Seal Island to closely observe puffins, razorbill auks, common murres, and Arctic terns (included in all programs for summer 2023).
  • Afternoon: Coastal hike to Flock-of-Sheep to explore the geology of Grand Manan.
  • Evening: Team building and initiative games.


  • Morning: Marine mammal and marine biology activities (1st week focus – physiology; 2nd week focus – behaviours)
  • Afternoon: Board zodiac boat for exploration of the Bay of Fundy – marine mammal and avian species observation, identification and research, and physical oceanography.
  • Evening: Plankton lab.


  • Morning: Coastal kayak tour or coastal hike.
  • Afternoon: Tide pooling activity and lab.
  • Evening: Whale Watch Town Hall.


  • Morning: Whale research presentation and discussion with a Marine Biology, Geology, or Coastal Ecology expert!
  • Afternoon: Closing questions and photo tour of Grand Manan. Pack and clean.
  • Evening: Campfire.


  • Travel back to Bangor for those leaving. Optional day-long kayak or overnight kayak and camping trip for campers that are staying.
  • Morning: Sleep in! Explore Grand Manan, head to the Farmer’s Market.
  • Afternoon: Explore and hike on White Head Island OR beach clean-up and games.
  • Evening: Mini-golf OR squid jigging.

 Sunday (For campers that stay the weekend

  • Morning: Sleep in! Squid dissection OR Wildflower walk and flower pressing.
  • Afternoon: Eat lunch and then meet the new campers at Swallowtail Lighthouse.