Our Philosophy

Person-to-person Connections

At Whale Camp, you’ll make connections. Connections with elusive marine creatures and with a charming island, but just as importantly, connections with amazing people too. Year after year, campers continue to affirm that Whale Camp is a place to be yourself, discover who you are, and meet genuine and lasting friends. Nurturing these connections is another way Whale Camp makes an enduring real-life difference. Truly caring staff create a safe environment physically and emotionally, helping you discover with confidence. You will have the chance to explore your world with others who have similar interests and questions. But don’t take our word for it; listen to what campers and parents have to say:

Before coming to camp, I didn’t believe that I could make friends or even fit in. Sure I learned about whales and all other types of marine biology, but I learned even more about myself and the world around me.

-past camper, Rachel Shapiro

A couple of years ago, I attended Whale Camp as a student, and it was one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had. When I was writing my college application essays about a year ago, whenever a question would start: Name one experience. I would almost always refer back to Whale Camp. My essay for St. Joseph’s University was on how Whale Camp was the first place where I ever truly felt confident in myself. I am now a freshman at St. Joe’s on a full tuition Board of Trustees Academic Scholarship. (Whale Camp) It really brought out the best in me at an awkward age. I think of what a great learning and growing experience Whale Camp was for me. I hope it can be the same for many more.

-past camper, Laura Paris

I have heard some wonderful stories reflecting my son’s adventures and experiences (at) Whale Camp. I was particularly impressed with some of the qualities my son seems to have brought back with him. His frequent use of the word patience makes my heart sing. His sense of awareness of the natural environment, as well as his sense of appreciation, are most heartwarming.

-parent, Michele Ankele

I went to Whale Camp when I was in 11th grade, and it changed my life. I decided I wanted to be a Marine Biologist and study life in the sea. I went on to attend the University of North Carolina and earned a B.S. in Marine Biology. I am presently teaching high school Biology, and I love it. I am proud of who I am and what I’m doing. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration.

-past camper, Joya Clark