Our Campus

 The whale camp calls seal cove home

Welcome to our comfortable home at the end of Seal Cove beach where first-rate dormitories have the feel of home and help foster community. The fourteen acre waterfront property is complete with inviting open fields and dramatic ocean vistas. The inviting dining hall exudes warmth and offers wholesome food choices prepared by our Newfoundland cooks. Everyone loves Sandra’s cooking from homemade breads and cookies to traditional thanksgiving-style dinners. Vegetarian options are readily available and even picky eaters find healthy options. We are able to accommodate food allergies.

A view from one of the dorms at camp. The green fields and picnic table are in the foreground and the ocean can be seen in the distance.

Dorms and Kitchen

Our kitchen and dining area are the main hub of our campus! Above the kitchen is the upper dorm, complete with a deck overlooking campus, and beside the main building is the lower dorm.

The view of Seal Cove beach, accessible from the Whale Camp property at low tide. There are rocks covered in algae and a treed coastline.

low tide beach

The seal cove beach is accessible from our campus only at low tide by way of a cement staircase that leads over the rocky outcrops and onto the sandy beach. Here, we play games, do beach clean-ups, and explore the intertidal zone species.

the general store

Find snacks, Whale Camp merch, and some friendly staff at the general store! We stock things that you may have forgotten at home like a water bottle or warm hat as well as delicious snacks like pretzels or banana chips that you can take with you out on program.