We are located on stunningly beautiful Grand Manan Island, which was recently named the third best small island in the world to visit by the travel experts of Readers Digest. The location is ideally situated for marine biology and marine science, between Maine and Nova Scotia in the Bay of Fundy, where the highest tides in the world create one of the world’s richest and most diverse marine biology ecosystems. Famous for its many marine mammals, including Humpback, Minke, and Finback whales, and the rarest great whale, the North Atlantic Right Whale, along with Harbor Seals, Gray Seals, Harbor Porpoises, and many other marine species. In our over 30 years of experience, we’ve observed numerous whales and several whale species on over 98% of our marine science research trips. Whale Camp offers more marine biology research trips per session than any other marine science summer camp program. The diversity of birdlife at sea and on land is extraordinary. Only The Whale Camp takes you to the highly restricted Machias Seal Island to be surrounded by hundreds of rare Puffins, Razorbills, and Murres as a part of each week’s marine science experience. Each day at Whale Camp is a life-changing and life-affirming experience (an additional fee in a one-week program).

We celebrate the ocean’s grandeur, beauty, serenity, and power and help you discover these same qualities in yourself and your friends. The tone we set at Whale Camp allows you to be comfortable with yourself, value and celebrate each individual, have fun, improve self-esteem and make lasting friends. At The Whale Camp, we believe in the power of Human Ecology. With our seas and planet in peril, we believe it’s more important than ever for us to learn how to work together to protect the biological systems of life that sustain us. Join us on our quest to “Save the Humans.”