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Authors and Artists in Nature: Inspired and Outside

Course description: 
Our Authors and Artists in Nature course is back! Exploration leads to inspiration in this three-week writers and artists workshop (formerly offered as a camp program on Grand Manan). Students will learn how illustrators have drawn inspiration from the woods, poets have heard the words of the sea, and how nature sometimes paints a picture too beautiful not to capture. This course will allow participants to explore both a variety of artistic mediums and the outdoors. Students will collaborate in their own creation of a hard-bound full-color book of stories, poetry, photography, and art, and will finish the course with a portfolio of their own work. Students will also have the option to complete additional coursework to qualify for college credits!

Dates: July 13 - 20, 2020
Meet Monday - Thursday mornings virtually from 10:30-11:30am ET followed by daily art and writing projects offline. 
Optional afternoon sessions from 4:00-5:00pm ET for community time (Monday and Wednesday) and structured activities (yoga, painting, trivia, design projects - Tuesday and Thursday).

Cost: $500* for three week program
*Cost does not include art materials, a suggested list will be provided. Cost does not include bound book (optional). College credit is additional cost. 

Weekly Themes: 
Week 1: Art & Literature - Introduction, Exploration, and Analysis
Week 2: Playing With Mediums - Branching Out and Discovery
Week 3: Collaboration as a Creative Community - Feedback, Discussion, and Publishing!

Sample Daily Program in the Course:

Day 2: Introduction to Poetry & Prose
  • Stream of consciousness exercise
  • Discuss tools and techniques used in poetry and prose with examples from Canadian literature and examine how nature inspired these works
  • Instructor will analyze a piece of literature to provide an example for analysis assignment
  • Group work: Blackout poem and other prompts 
  • Creative writing prompts in nature 
  • Work on own analysis for end of week (students analyze a piece of their choosing)

Day 3: Introduction to Painting & Illustration 
  • Warm-up exercise
  • Introduction to a variety of mediums used in classic & contemporary works, including acrylic, oil, watercolours, illustration, and digital art
  • Examine how nature has influenced art throughout ancient and modern history
  • Instructor will analyze a chosen work of art to provide an example for assignment 
  • Experiment with a visual medium of your choosing (can be student’s final piece or another piece for their portfolio)
  • Work on own analysis for end of week

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