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Whale Camp is featured as 1 of 10 Summer Camps "Worth the Money" by MSN Money.com

If you've already experienced The Whale Camp program, the article is not news to you. Still it's great to be recognized and the confirmation by MSN Money that The Whale Camp is one of ten camps that are "Worth the Money" is a welcomed endorsement.

boy in Bow sprit sit Whether, for you, it's the time at sea documenting the feeding and social behaviors
of the numerous whale species or being on Machias Seal Island observing thousands of puffins and razorbills feeding their chicks, you know the value of The Whale Camp. It's in your heart and in your mind and nothing can dislodge it.

These experiences are irreplaceable. At Whale Camp, as we learn about the processes of life in the sea we help each other put our own life's path into perspective. The tides of the Bay of Fundy surge through us and empower our daily investigations, discoveries and inspirations, like nutrition for the mind, heart and soul. Of course it's "Worth the money." What is money worth if not for experiences like this?

And if you haven't signed up yet, what are you waiting for? Sessions are filling right now and you know you need to be there. Climb abord and register today for your one, two or three week session. Guarantee your summer experience here:

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