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A Message from Our Staff: Summer 2020

We would like to thank everyone for your support, patience, and flexibility this spring as we have navigated through the uncertainty of a summer with COVID-19. In the last few weeks we have received important updates from US and Canadian public health officials about summer camp operations, border closures, and travel restrictions in the summer. The health and safety of our campers, staff, and the Grand Manan community has remained our primary concern, and because of all of these, we have made the difficult decision to cancel our in-person programs this summer. 

Like our campers, we are feeling so many emotions - heartbreak that we can't go back to our camp community, relief that we won't be putting anyone at risk, and excitement of the new opportunities ahead of us this summer to bring the spirit of Whale Camp home to our communities.
Please watch our video message to bring hope, have some fun, and introduce the remote programs we will be offering!

$40,000 College Scholarships for Whale Campers

We are very pleased to announce that in recognition of the value of our marine biology camp, the College of the Atlantic (COA) is offering scholarships of $40,000 over four years to our alumni. The College of the Atlantic is a renowned Liberal Arts college located on Mount Desert Island, Maine, home to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park on the coast of the Gulf of Maine. COA is an innovative institution, whose primary focus is the relationships between humans and the environment and is part of the Eco-League of colleges.


Whale Camp's marine science programs prepare students with a solid background in marine biology and a deeper understanding of Human Ecology. The Whale Camp is a place of discovery and insight; a place where inspiration becomes aspiration. Prepare for your future now by registering  for Whale Camp today. Our online registration is open for the 2017 season.

The scholarships provide a $10,000/year award to any student who has successfully completed a Whale Camp marine science program, has been recommended by the Director of Whale Camp and is accepted by the College of the Atlantic. Student awards are renewed each year contingent upon maintenance of good academic standing.

Many Whale Camp alumni have found the College of the Atlantic a good fit because of similarities in philosophy, purpose and focus. If you are looking for a unique and innovative college experience, take a look at the programs that COA has to offer.  Don't miss out on this great opportunity for this summer and your future.  Register for the Whale Camp marine biology session of your choice today.

Explore your world
Discover your voice
Share your vision.

Why Whale Camp is your best choice of marine biology camps.

No other marine biology summer camp or marine science camp offers as many direct face-to-face encounters to closely observe and study whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and puffins in their own natural habitat.  Board our research vessel for unmatched examinations of marine life.  Help collect data to document whale distribution, feeding and behavioral patterns.  Gain hands-on experience using onboard marine biology equipment. Unveil the powerful and endangered processes of life in the sea. Explore beaches, coastal trails and fishing villages. Investigate life in the tidal pools and bogs. While some programs teach you about marine biology with lots of time in a classroom, we take you out to sea at least two days each week to directly encounter the whales and other marine life for the best marine science experience. This is why the Whale Camp is the place where inspiration, exploration and discovery abound.  This is why, of all marine biology camps and marine science programs, the Whale Camp is the best experience.

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